Outlook PST Mail Merge – Easiest way ever to Manage it!

Let's look at two possible scenarios that you can also confront while working with your Microsoft Outlook email application:

  • Scenario First: When one mistakenly Created Two Archive PST Files: Consider a condition where you installed new MS Office setup and misguidedly archived emails twice. First you archived whole of the 10 months old data. Then again archive whole data again that was over 5 months Old. However doing this, you saved them as archive1.pst and archive2.pst. As an outcome, you got two archive PST files. Now, you want to have only one PST file. Your wish is to Consolidate them into a single archive PST file so that one can easily transfer that file to his new PC or other location. For above scenario Outlook mail merge is a practicable solution.
  • Scenario Second: Difficult Outlook Management Due to Many PST Files:You have been using Outlook application for more than 6 to 7 years and you are having huge numbers of PST files containing many important data files. But now, it is becoming problematic for you to manage such enormous amount of PST files. The presence of these countless small sized PST files is making it difficult for you to search any information. Whenever you need any info, you have to gaze into many PST files for that information, which is time consuming. If you merge multiple PST files into single file, then it can help you a great deal.

Outlook Mail Merge – Better Management of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010

  • Numerous PST Files Can Be Disturbing to Manage : If you are worried because Outlook PST files is growing up to an incalculable extent where you are not supposed to manage them properly. Microsoft Outlook email application can become a mess in such a situation where you have too many PST files. Are you looking for a way out of this problem of excessive number of PST files in your Outlook mailbox? Do you want a solution that can help you with better Outlook management?
  • Better Management of Outlook – Merge PST files Merge: If you merge multiple Outlook PST files into a single PST file with entire email data of all those files accumulated in that single file, then you can much easily manage that single PST file.
  • PST Merge Software : For better management of Outlook – merge PST files. This you can do with the help of a third-party merge PST tool. One such tool is PST Merge Software. You can use this simple and intuitive solution to merge PST files. A single file is easier to manage. So, this tool will help you with better Outlook management as multiple PST will be combined into a single PST file.

Heightened Features of MS Outlook PST Merge software!

  • Merge Multiple PST : PST Merge software is capable to merge multiple PST file into single PST files. The software merge entire Outlook mailbox like calendars, task, achieve, notes, emails etc.
  • Three Options to Merge Email: The software provides three options to merge PST files together .The options are:
    • Merge PST: Permit you to merge similar folders into single PST files
    • Join: Permit you to Join PST files by creating New Folder for combined PST file
    • Merge contacts: Only contacts to be merged across PST files
  • Remove Duplicates: The software is expertise to combine multiple Outlook PST files by removing duplicate content. You can access their entire Outlook data in a single attempt without duplicate content.
  • Get Summery Report: As the software start merging process, summery report will be generated and displayed to user. The summery reports contains numbers of Outlook PST files, name of the file, duplicate items found, total item count and merging status etc.
  • Exclude /Include: PST merge software provides two advance options i.e.
    • Remove Duplicates: When you are combining Outlook contacts or Outlook data files, this option helps users to remove duplicates. You can remove all the duplicate PST files all of same name.
    • Exclude Deleted items: If you wish to exclude or include deleted items in combining process, then this option help you to do so. You can delete Outlook items and exclude them from merging.

With all these features and the services that users get are exclusive. We believe and provide a classic range of software's for you file management and to synchronizing numerous PST files we once again introduced PST Merge software to simply manage and synchronize multiple Outlook PST files.

If you are using MS Outlook email application for long, then there is accumulation of large number of PST files. These multiple PST files are difficult to manage because if you need to search some info, you need to open each and every file which is a hassle task. It is very important to merge multiple PST files into one single PST files for easy management. Now, for this purpose third-party tool is necessary to have. One outside tool for this purpose is PST Merge Software.

How Outlook PST Merger will Help You?

This software will help you to combine PST files to single PST file. Using this software product you can easily and quickly synchronize Outlook emails. This tool is helpful in the hour of need and will fulfill your purpose well. PST Merge is a powerful Outlook merge which has perfect amalgamation of powerful features and ease. This efficient tool can merge all items of one PST file such as contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, email folders to another PST file. So, without any delay you can merge Outlook files into one single Outlook file.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Merge (Merge Two or More PST Files into a Single PST File): For proper mail merge Outlook, you must invest in a reliable and high-performing software tool to merge PST files efficiently. You can get an Outlook merge software solution easily that will help in the Outlook mail merge process. Choosing an efficient PST mail merge software tool is one way to solve your problem.

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One such efficient, reliable and high-performing Outlook merge tool is PST Merge software. It is a simple and intuitive PST email mail merge tool that can help you merge PST folders, Outlook mail messages and other items inside Microsoft Outlook mailbox. You can merge multiple Outlook calendar items and other PST items like contacts, journals, to-do list, tasks and more into a single PST file. Using PST Merge software, you can merge unlimited PST files.